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pyroclastic eruption at the summit is very amazing
Mount Semeru is the highest mountain in Java island with an altitude of 3676 M above sea level (peak Mahameru). included in the area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. It takes approximately four days to climb the peak of Mount Semeru round-trip. To climb the mountain semeru can be reached via the town poor or Lumajang.

From the terminal Malang city:
ride public transportation to the village Tumpang. Connected again with a jeep or truck Vegetables (on the back of the terminal market Tumpang) toward Post Ranu Pani. Previously, we stopped at Gubugklakah to obtain permits Using vegetable truck or jeep journey starts from Ranu Pani Tumpang towards the last village at the foot semeru. Here there are checkpoints, there are also stalls and cottages.

MAHAMERU is the name of the Semeru peak

Climbers can also spend the night at the guard post. In Pos Ranu Pani also there are two lakes namely Lake (ranu) pani and ranu regulo at an altitude of 2200 masl. For first-time climbers may be confused to find climbing lane, and only around in Ranu Pani, for that after arriving at the welcome gate, note continues to the left toward the hill, do not follow the broad road toward the farm population. (In addition to the usual route passed the climbers, there is a shortcut that is usually used by local climbers, this path is very steep.) Line beginning we've been through ramps, down a hillside dominated by reed plants. There are no signs pointing toward the street, but there are signs at every 100m distance measure, we just follow those signs. After walking about 5 km down a hillside overgrown with Edelweiss, we will arrive at Watu Rejeng.To reach Ranu Kumbolo we still have to travel about 4.5 km. We recommend that you take a break and set up a tent when arriving at Ranu Kumbolo. There is a lake with clean water. Ranu Kumbolo located at an altitude of 2400 m From Ranu Kumbolo should prepare as much water as possible. Leaving Ranu Kumbolo we climb the steep hill. In front of our hill lies a vast prairie called the oro-oro ombo and then we entered the Region Cemoro Cage.

Post Kalimati located at an altitude 2700 m, here we can set up a tent for a rest then continue climbing in the early morning, at least start at 00.00. Post this form of extensive grasslands on the edge of pine forest, so many available branches to make a fire. There is a spring water source Mani, to the west (right) tracing Kalimati forest edges with a distance of 1 hour round trip.

To go Arcopodo we turned left to walk about 500 meters, then turn right down a little meadow Kalimati. Arcopodo is 1 hour from Kalimati through the steep pine forest, with a land prone to landslides and dusty.

Can we also camped at Arcopodo, but less stable soil conditions and frequent landslides and many fly ash. Arcopodo located at an altitude of 2.900m,

From Arcopodo to the top of Semeru takes 3-4 hours, past the dunes are very steep and easily degenerate. All luggage should we stay in Arcopodo or in Kalimati.
Climbing to the summit made the early morning at around 2:00 am from Arcopodo. Frugal in using water. Travel during the day feels more and more severe than was hot too will loose sand when exposed to heat. At noon the wind cendurung north toward the peak carrying poisonous gas from the crater Jonggring Saloka.

At the peak of Mount Mahameru (Semeru), climbers are advised to not go Jonggring Saloko crater, was also banned from climbing from the south side, because of the poisonous gas and lava flows.

Temperatures in the peak range 4-10 degrees Celsius, at the height of the dry season minus 0 degrees Celsius, and ice crystals found. The weather is often foggy, especially at lunch, afternoon and evening. The wind was blowing hard, the month of December to January is often a storm.

Heat Cloud eruption every 15-30 minutes at the peak of Mount Semeru, which are still active. At noon the wind direction to the summit, to avoid it coming during the day at the peak, due to toxic gases and the eruption leads to the summit.

The eruption of white smoke, gray to black with a height of 300-800 meters eruption. The material that comes out at every eruption of ash, sand, gravel, stones and even hot fire that is very dangerous if the climber is too close.

The climb should be done during the dry season ie June, July, August, and September. Should not climb in the wet season because of frequent storms and landslides.

The route from Malang to Mount Semeru  
  1. Malang - Tumpang 18 km 45 min   
  2. Tumpang - Gubugklakah (Post Registration) 12 km 45 min  
  3. gubugklakah - Ranu Pani (Base Camp) 17 km 4 hrs 90 min  
  4. Ranu Pani - Watu Rejeng 7 km in 1.5 hours  
  5. Watu Rejeng - Ranu Kumbolo 6 km 1.5 hours  
  6. Ranu Kumbolo - Oro Oro Ombo 1 hour  
  7. Oro-oro Ombo - Cemoro Cage 1 Hour  
  8. Cemoro Cage - Kalimati 1 Hour  
  9. Kalimati - Arcopodo 1 km 1 hour  
  10. Arcopolo - Puncak Semeru 1.32 km 3 hours
The route from Lumajang to Mount Semeru 
Route Distance Road vehicles Lumajang - Senduro 25 km 1 hour
  1. Senduro - Burno 14 km 50 min
  2. Burno - Ranu pani (2,200 M) 29 km 3 hours  
  3. Ranu Pani - Watu Rejeng 7 km in 1.5 hours  
  4. Watu Rejeng - Ranu Kumbolo (2,400 M) 6 km 1.5 hours  
  5. Ranu Kumbolo - Kalimati (2,700 M) 11.5 km 3 hours  
  6. Kalimati - Arcopodo (2,900 M) 1 km 1 hour  
  7. Arcopodo - Top Semeru (3676 M) 1.32 km 3 hours 
Mount Semeru with the view shared by Mount Bromo and Batok in the region of Mount Bromo, Batok Semeru National Park.

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