Monday, February 21, 2011

FINDING WATER (Survival Tips and Trick)

Now let me discuss a bit about looking for water when we are in a state lost in the woods, especially in tropical forests. Based on research conducted by dr. EF Adolf someone can survive without food samapai with 14 days, while without drinking at least 8 days.

There are many ways to get water, especially in tropical forests, namely:

  • Accommodating Precipitation
  • Pool of water in peat areas (must be filtered first)
  • Making a hole by digging the soil around the clump of banana trees
  • Make a hole in the ground knee deep in the valley
  • Fields on bamboo trees usually hold water
  • Blackmail moss in the morning
  • Pool of water in the former animal footprints
  • Hitting a tree in the desert cactus until soft, then cut the trunk. In the former we at-o'clock, will be filled with water.
  • hot areas (beaches, desert) can be done by collecting vapor from the sun by using clear plastic.


To find the source of water or stream water, we can make some kinds of animals as an indicator to consider a few things below:
  • Birds in the morning (until around 10 o'clock in the morning) when flying low and intermittent perch, is an indicator to the source water
  • Impressions boar and deer in the morning is always headed towards the water sources
  • Nest boar is always close to water sources

Do not follow the flight of birds of prey
(Birds of prey get water from his body eaten by animals)


Apart from the animal as an indicator, we can also make the plants in tropical forests as an indicator of the presence of water, namely:
  • Clumps of banana trees in the forest, indicating the land in the area contains a lot of water
  • The water in the roots of Nepenthes and Rattan can be drunk directly
  • Plants trumpet flower (white) usually grow around water sources and ground water sources that contain many
  • The area is overgrown with grass, indicating the area moist so that the soil in the area contains a lot of water.


It's good we do not directly drink the water that we get in the forest. There are some things we need to consider the water that we get are:
  • No smell, no taste and no color
  • Do not give a good stimulus to the tongue and in the skin
  • If possible, cook to boil the water first, and when drunk, do not immediately swallowed. Let the first in the mouth until + 3 minutes duration. If no reaction on the tongue, aka the water safe to drink.

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