Thursday, February 17, 2011


Create beginners who want to make the web itself, I want to share ... writing about this free domain already quite a lot on other blogs, but still wrote complicated, because dikasi not know the details ...

now I'm trying to help who want to make the web free.
To create a website, we must first have a domain, this domain is free from Co.CC, how:

  1. first entry into
  2. input domain names we want, which is already available in the box
  3. Click chekck availability to check whether the domain name we can use and wait for the results
  4. if you've managed to click the Continue to registration
  5. click created an account now and fill in all requested data
  6. You will receive an email from to verify the data that you fill
  7. read carefully the contents of the email, then click on Manage Domains and log in by filling out the data you enter in accordance with
  8. Click on a table Name Server (DNS)
  9. click on the tab managing control and Click Setup
  10. Enter in the Name box dns02.000webhost server 1 and Name Server 2 box and click the Setup
Now you've got a free domain name ...!!

To build a website that we want, now go to to register.

  1. Click Sign Up
  2. Enter a domain name that we make in Co.CC on the box I want to host my own domain (domain must be registered already)
  3. Fill in the requested data
  4. So deh gratisannya web hosting.
  5. For web design we want, wait 24 up to 48 hours to verify your registration since
  6. you receive an email from 000webhost
  7. read carefully the contents of this email

to update the domain can be customized with Co.CC for 000webhost, you need to reset the settings by:

  1. Log in to Co.CC
  2. click Manage Domains
  3. Click the Name Server DNS
  4. Click on Manage DNS setup
  5. Name Change the name of the DNS server by deleting hurrf 'D' in the Name Server 1 and 2 (now Name your server into ns01.000webhost.comdan
  6. Click Setup

Now your server has been updated to

 As an example of the web which I have ever made, you can see in

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