Friday, February 18, 2011

Mt LAWU (border of Central Java and East Java) - INDONESIA

Mount Lawu
Mount Lawu located on the border of Central Java and East Java.The highest peak of Mount Lawu (Summit Argo Dumilah) located at an altitude of 3265 m above sea level. Mount Lawu complex has an area of 400 KM2 with Candradimuka crater that still steaming hot water and the smell of sulfur.
There are two old crater near the summit of Mount Lawu the Crater Telaga Kuning and Crater Telaga Lembung Selayur. Lots of places sacred by the community and not just young people, but many parents who climb mountains for berjiarah Lawu.Javanese people believe that the peak of the mountain kingdom Lawu former is the first time on the island of Java.
Grojogan Sewu
Mount Lawu is very meaningful for Java community, especially those who still believe in the Magical World.For the climber who does not believe in sacred places on the mountain Lawu, please just leave it to the local community trust. There are many resorts around the mountain like Telaga Sarangan Lawu, Waterfall Grojogan Sewu, Tawangmanu, Temple Sukuh, Sangiran, Kraton Solo.
To climb the mountain Lawu can be reached from the city of Solo or Madison.  Take the train or bus Solo majors, we took the bus from the terminal Tawangmangu department travel about 40 KM away, or about 1.5 hrs.The best hiking time is at night so still plenty of time to rest in Solo, Tawangmangu, or Cemoro Sewu. Last car from the city of Solo to Tawangmangu around 17.30.  Old buses take us to the Tawangmangu a mountain region with 1305 m, the fresh air there are many villas and lodging. 
There are several tourist attractions and the most famous waterfall Grojogan Sewu, in the garden area Grojogan Sewu there are many monkeys here and we can enjoy the satay Rabbit.There are also waterfalls Pringgodani, who according to local belief is a place imprisoned son Prabu Anom Gatotkaca Bima. 
To get there through the narrow streets and steep. Here there is a hermitage that was also said to be the burial tomb Gatotkaca. These graves are sacred and many pejiarah come. Above the forest there Pringgosepi.Mount Lawu to climb through Cemoro Cage (Central Java) or Cemoro Sewu (East Java), the distance of both places is not so much. From Tawangmangu we can drive toward Cemoro Omprengan Sewu or Cemoro Cage. If too late we should charter a car and if no car we had to walk about 9.5 km towards Cemoro Cage or 10 km towards Cemoro Sewu. Last car omprengan usually around 17:00, but sometimes when I'm busy at 19.00 still no car omprengan. Cemoro Sewu located at an altitude of 1600 masl, the climber usually posted Cemoro Sewu rest to wait for the night arrived, because the best climbing in the evening (21:00 to 23:00) and we get to dipuncak the morning to watch the sunrise.The peak of Mount Lawu is 9 km from Cemoro Sewu or 12 km from Cemoro Cage.
Mount Lawu has two older crater that is Crater Lake and Crater Lake Yellow Lembung Selayur. There are sacred places ahead of the peak Argodumilah, including Spring Panguripan, Well Jolo Tundo, Sigolo-Golo Cave, Spring Drajad, Argo Dalem, and Argo Dumilah

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