Tuesday, February 22, 2011


During the recent period in Indonesia frequently hit by earthquakes, ranging from small scale, medium to large scale that often cause fatalities. At this opportunity, I try to share tips on what we should do during an earthquake. 

An earthquake is the vibration (shock) that occurs because movement (shifting) the earth's rock layers originating from the base or bottom surface of the earth and is also commonly caused by volcanic eruptions. Earthquakes often occur in areas near the volcano brother "and also in an area surrounded by vast oceans. 


Before the Earthquake:

Introduction to earthquake 
  • Make sure that the structure and layout of your house to avoid the dangers caused by earthquakes.
  • Re-evaluate and renovate your building structure to avoid earthquake hazards 

Know the environment you work and live 
  • Note the location of the fire escape, in case of earthquake, already know the safest place to shelter. One thing to remember, when an earthquake happens, do not try to save themselves by using the elevator, because chances are, when an earthquake happens, power goes out, so we can get stuck in the elevator.
  • Learn the basics about emergency medic. Even better, we also learn about the Medical Practice. Now these books related to this lot we can find in bookstores
  • Learn how to operating Firefighting equipment, considering that due to the large shocks sometimes cause a short circuit resulting in fire
  • Noting Important Phone numbers can be contacted in the event of earthquakes, ranging from Police, Hospitals, BNPB (National agency Natural Disaster), SAR etc.
  • Routine preparation at your place of work and residence
  • Furniture (Cupboard, Cabinet, etc.) shall be attached to the wall (in spikes / in belt etc.) to avoid falling, collapsing, shifting in the event of earthquake
  • Storing combustible materials on site that are not easily broken, to avoid the fire.
  • Always turn off water, gas and electricity when not in use what
  • Set heavy objects as far as possible be at the bottom.
  • Check the stability depending on which objects may fall when earthquakes occur (eg: lamp, etc.).
  • Equipment that must exist in each place: 

  1. Boxes of medical equipment
  2. Flashlight / lamp Battery
  3. Radio
  4. Food Supplements and Water

In Earthquake 
If you are in a building:
  • Do not panic, try to keep eassy covered your head and body from the ruins of the building (by hiding under tables etc.)
  • Looking for the safest place from the ruins of shock
  • Running out when still can be done. 

If you are outside of buildings or open areas
  • Avoidance of the buildings that surround you (such as buildings, power poles, trees, etc.).
  • Watch where you stand in case of fracture avoid soil.
  • If you live or are on the beach, stay away from the coast to avoid the occurrence of Tsunami.

If you live or are on the beach

Get to know the good places that can be used to save themselves from the brunt of the tsunami waves like hills, tall buildings, water towers, trees and other tall buildings.

Get to know well the signs of the coming tsunami. Is as follows:
  • Sea water receded abruptly.
  • the stinging smell of salt abruptly.
  • The emergence of foam-water froth very much on the beach all of a sudden.
  • There was a loud explosion sound like the sound of supersonic jets or plane or the sound of falling bombs.
  • Seen a thick black wave on the horizon extends
If you see one or more of these signs, do the following:
  • If you were on the ship at sea, ships immediately spur you towards a deeper sea
  • If you are at the beach or near the coast, immediately climb tall buildings or trees, the closest from where you are. Remember when we were to run from the pursuit of the tsunami waves were only less than 20 minutes


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