Thursday, February 17, 2011


The exotic of mount Raung
Mt Raung is a great mountain and a unique, different from the mountain on the island of Java in general. The uniqueness of the summit caldera of Mount its Raung is about 500 feet deep, always smoky and often spewing fire. Mount Raung including an old mountain with a caldera at its peak and surrounded by many small peaks, making the scenery was absolutely amazing.

From Bondowoso - Village Travel Resources Wringin Sumber Wringin starts from the village through pine plantations and coffee plantations, towards Pondok Motor or Postal climbers where to find a locksmith named Mr.Serani. At Pondok Motor we can continue the journey to the summit which took about 9 hours.

The beauty of silence at the creter of Mt. Raung
From Cottage Motor Mount Raung, we will pass through coffee plantations, pine forests, pine forests, and out to the plains where we can camp. The journey continues through grasslands (about 1 hour drive), next to the top G. Raung a little sandy and rocky. From the campground to the summit G. Raung, only takes about 2 hours. While the trip down, takes about 7 hours.

On the way to the top G. Raung, there is no water source. Better to be prepared in water source or sources Wringin Lekan. To climb G. Raung special permit is not required, just that we need to report to village officials at Sumber Wringin

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