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Mt. Arjuno
The peak of Mount Arjuna and the Mountain Welirangi s on the same loacation. Arjuna can climb the mountain from different directions; North direction (Tretes) via Mount Welirang, from the east (Lawang) and from the west (Batu-Selecta) Surabaya - Malang, a decrease in Pandaan - Tretes

From Post PHPA Tretes we can immediately climb Mount Welirang or turn left directly in the direction of Mount Arjuna. The trip from the hut to the top of Mount Welirang, will pass through Pine forest that rocky road.

After walking for 3-4 hours we will reach the peak of Mount Welirang. Below the peak of Mount Welirang there was a spewing crater sulfur gas. Travel from Tretes to the top of Mount Welirang takes 7-8 hours. 

If we will continue the journey to Mount Arjuna then after we reached the summit of Mount Welirang we walked down about 10 minutes exactly toward the south. Forest pine forest which is traversed by passing through a ravine and suburban Twin Mountain Twin Mountain I and II after running 6-7 hours we will reach the peak of Mount Arjuna. But first we will pass a place called "Market Dieng", height almost equal to the peak of Mount Arjuna and there are stones that some neatly arranged like a fence and land flat rather broad. From here to the summit of Mount Arjuna only take 10 minutes.

Owner reaches Mount Arjuno from Mount Welirang necessary "during 5-6 hours. The peak of Mount Arjuna called "peak Ogal-Agil" or "Peak Ringgil". Going down to the town of Lawang is towards the east about 6 hours. 
The Peak of Mt. Weirang
Lawang Route

Surabaya - Malang down Lawang. From Lawang - Wonorejo village. Here we report on PHPA officials and also requested permission to climb, our water supplies are also prepared in this last village. From the village Wonosari went ahead and passed the Wonosari garden and continue to rise for 3-4 hours we will arrive at "Oro-oro Ombo" which is a camping place. From "oro-oro Ombo" to the summit takes 6-7 hours journey by crossing the dense forest called the forest "Lali Jiwo". 

To reach the last peak, after we passed Forest Jiwo Lali, we will go through the course of pasture uphill (steep) once. Approaching the summit, we will walk through the stones are very numerous and very beautiful park-like after that we will reach the summit of Mount Arjuna 

Another ascent route is from city of Stone by Selecta is located west of Mount Welirang. From Kediri / Malang - Batu - Selecta - Kebonsari village. In this village we have to prepare enough water to travel to the summit and return. 

Climb for 5-6 hours will take us to the mountain ridge that connects the peak of Mount Welirang and Mount Arhuno, precisely the southeast of Mount Twin I. We still have to travel 1-2 hours longer to get to the summit of Mount Welirang to the left or right towards Mount Arjuno for 4-5 hours
Sulfur at Mt. Welirang

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