Thursday, February 17, 2011


Kerinci mountain peaks visible from a distance
Mount Kerinci including volcano is still active, with an altitude of 3805 masl. The mountain is the highest mountain in Indonesia outside the mountains of Irian Jaya. In the east there Bento lake, swamp water clearly highest in Sumatra. Behind him there are seven mountain with a beautiful crater that is almost untouched. In the middle of the park there is a gap sungaipenuh valley city, coffee plantations, and lake Kerinci. 

Unlike in Java mountains, there is only one path toward Peak Ascent to Kerinci, so we will not even bother to pick up the path from where

This mountain can be reached by road from Jambi to Sungaipenuh through the Bangko. Can also be reached from Padang, Lubuk Linggau, and Bengkulu.

With the aircraft could have landed in Padang or Jambi. Climbing to the top of Mount Kerinci take two days starting from Pos Kersik Tuo.

There are many unique animals such as Sumatran elephants, Sumatran rhinos, tigers, sun bears, leopards and primates Various

Observe the rules concerning hours of the most secure to make the climb and walk on Mount Kerinci (at Post), considering that there are still tigers (pathera tigris) and leopards in this area. There are certain times when they find food and water. At this moment we should stop in a safe place (Shelter)

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