Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mt Argopuro-East Java, Indonesia

Mount Argopuro has many peaks, some peaks have an old geological structures and some other younger. Argopuro located at an altitude of 3088 m above sea level. Baderan path or through the village Bremi, Kab. Probolinggo. But encouraged by the village Bremi only, because it is faster.
From the bus terminal in Probolinggo - Bremi, at 6:00 am and at 12.00. Before we climb to the police or local PHPA officials to ask for permission to climb.  

After walking 3 hours until at Lake Park Life. Then continue the climb to the top with around half the lake to the left, by traveling 6 hours. Argopuro called "Goddess Peak Rengganis", because there are statue of Goddess Rengganis. Rengganis Goddess Peak, is a former crater sulfur.  

Argopuro down from the peak, we can choose down with mengintari mountain through the Great Square, then headed through Baderan Besuki. Another alternative that is returned by the original road that is Bremi

Large square is a vast expanse of prairie, and never planned as a cornerstone of military aircraft during the Japanese occupation army. Mount Argopuro rarely climbed, only at certain times only, during the school holidays or during the dry season. Mount Argopuro actually a mountain of interesting, because in addition to beautiful scenery, the mountain is also known to have many historic relics from the era of the kingdom until the Japanese occupation

Forest area of Mount Argopuro a pristine forest. Wild animals are often found in this area, such as deer, monkeys, wild boar, peacocks, snakes, and others.

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