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Meru Betiri National Park has a varied topography reaching from a plain coast to highlands with an altitude of almost 1,200 meters. The tallest mountains within the park are Mount Gamping (538 m), Mount Butak (609 m), Mount Sukamade Atas (801 m), Mount Gendong (840 m asl), Mount Mandilis (844 m) and Mount Betiri (1,192 m). The topography along the coast is generally hilly to mountainous. There are only few sandy plain coasts, most of them located in the west, such as Rajegwesi Beach, Sukamade Beach, Permisan Beach, Meru Beach and Bandealit Beach. Some rivers across Meru Betiri NP are Sukamade River, a perennial river, Permisan River, Meru River and Sekar Pisang River that flow to the South coast.

The Meru Betiri area is influenced by monsoon wind. During November to March, the westerly wind brings rainfall to the area, whereas the dry season occurs during April to October. The average annual rainfall is between 2,300 and 4,000 mm, with 4 dry months and 7 wet months in average

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Introduction to International Disaster ManagementEmergency management (or disaster management) is the discipline of dealing with and avoiding risks. It is a discipline that involves preparing for disaster before it occurs, disaster response (e.g. emergency evacuation, quarantine, mass decontamination, etc.), as well as supporting, and rebuilding society after natural or human-made disasters have occurred. In general, any Emergency management is the continuous process by which all individuals, groups, and communities manage hazards in an effort to avoid or ameliorate the impact of disasters resulting from the hazards. Actions taken depend in part on perceptions of risk of those exposed. Effective emergency management relies on thorough integration of emergency plans at all levels of government and non-government involvement. Activities at each level (individual, group, community) affect the other levels. It is common to place the responsibility for governmental emergency management with the institutions for civil defense or within the conventional structure of the emergency services. In the private sector, emergency management is sometimes referred to as business continuity planning.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


During the recent period in Indonesia frequently hit by earthquakes, ranging from small scale, medium to large scale that often cause fatalities. At this opportunity, I try to share tips on what we should do during an earthquake. 

An earthquake is the vibration (shock) that occurs because movement (shifting) the earth's rock layers originating from the base or bottom surface of the earth and is also commonly caused by volcanic eruptions. Earthquakes often occur in areas near the volcano brother "and also in an area surrounded by vast oceans. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

FINDING WATER (Survival Tips and Trick)

Now let me discuss a bit about looking for water when we are in a state lost in the woods, especially in tropical forests. Based on research conducted by dr. EF Adolf someone can survive without food samapai with 14 days, while without drinking at least 8 days.


Indonesia is a country consisting of thousands of islands. So much charm of natural beauty offered by the islands where each island has a character and privileges. Maybe all this time the world community is more familiar with the island of Bali which is also part of one island in Indonesia, as a place of their excursions. Not only Bali. There are still many areas in Indonesia which offers exotic tropical beauty of nature, one of which is Komodo Island

Saturday, February 19, 2011


whitewater rafting is an activity pengarungan river rafting / cascade using rubber boat, kayak, or canoe and paddle as a rower

Activities lately pemkai increasingly attracting the interest of both from the nature lover or the public, actually have the highest accident potential in the sport. But if done with the procedures, knowledge, and sufficient expertise will turn into activities that are very interesting and challenging.

Expertise and capabilities across the river with very, very dependent on the frequency of exercise and hours of flying across the river itself. If to be a reliable Skipper other than the above requirements, also requires an understanding and mastery of emergencies that occur in the river and mitigation measures (safety and rescue).


Any person who travel always have the same hope that is the way it does will run smoothly, safely and comfortably get to the destination. To achieve that, the traveling required of Planning (Planning) Allocation of Resources / Organizing (Organizing) prior to the journey undertaken (Actuating) as well as monitoring (controlling) when making the trip

Travel Preparation procedures tailored to Stay Travel / Expedition both large and small (Mini Session) in the Student Activity Unit Explorers Wilderness and Mountain Climber BHARAWANA is to observe the following:
  • FIELD CONDITIONS (the circumstances and nature of Field): Care should be taken every field conditions, especially those that will go through in detail, either through a topographic map that will be used by field orientation or by searching the literature about the area to be addressed so that it can predict all the necessary equipment and supplies
  • PURPOSE & OBJECTIVES OF TRAVEL : The purpose and objective of travel should be reviewed as it affects the equipment and supplies required to carry.
  • TIME : It should be carefully considered, long berepa problem we will travel, as this would be a matter of supplies that we carry while traveling coupled with reserve supplies that should always be available in case of unexpected things.
  • PERSONNEL CAPABILITIES : From the details mentioned above, tools, equipment and other supplies needed during travel can be measured weight of the load that must be taken.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Climate is average weather conditions of an area within a certain period. Weather is the state of air temperature or in a place at a given moment in time. So the weather can be fickle and the climate is relatively fixed for a period of six months (for the tropics).

Tropical and sub-tropical, until the latitude of the earth 40 (Lu and LS), with the properties:
·         Average annual temperature is not too high
·         small daily temperature amplitude
·         There are a lot of heavy rain and cloud

Medium Regional
·         Daily and annual temperature amplitude is small
·         A lot of clouds and rain, especially in the winter, rain in the form of light rain
·         change of season does not occur immediately

Mt LAWU (border of Central Java and East Java) - INDONESIA

Mount Lawu
Mount Lawu located on the border of Central Java and East Java.The highest peak of Mount Lawu (Summit Argo Dumilah) located at an altitude of 3265 m above sea level. Mount Lawu complex has an area of 400 KM2 with Candradimuka crater that still steaming hot water and the smell of sulfur.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Mt. Arjuno
The peak of Mount Arjuna and the Mountain Welirangi s on the same loacation. Arjuna can climb the mountain from different directions; North direction (Tretes) via Mount Welirang, from the east (Lawang) and from the west (Batu-Selecta) Surabaya - Malang, a decrease in Pandaan - Tretes

Mt Argopuro-East Java, Indonesia

Mount Argopuro has many peaks, some peaks have an old geological structures and some other younger. Argopuro located at an altitude of 3088 m above sea level. Baderan path or through the village Bremi, Kab. Probolinggo. But encouraged by the village Bremi only, because it is faster.


The exotic of mount Raung
Mt Raung is a great mountain and a unique, different from the mountain on the island of Java in general. The uniqueness of the summit caldera of Mount its Raung is about 500 feet deep, always smoky and often spewing fire. Mount Raung including an old mountain with a caldera at its peak and surrounded by many small peaks, making the scenery was absolutely amazing.

From Bondowoso - Village Travel Resources Wringin Sumber Wringin starts from the village through pine plantations and coffee plantations, towards Pondok Motor or Postal climbers where to find a locksmith named Mr.Serani. At Pondok Motor we can continue the journey to the summit which took about 9 hours.


pyroclastic eruption at the summit is very amazing
Mount Semeru is the highest mountain in Java island with an altitude of 3676 M above sea level (peak Mahameru). included in the area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. It takes approximately four days to climb the peak of Mount Semeru round-trip. To climb the mountain semeru can be reached via the town poor or Lumajang.

From the terminal Malang city:
ride public transportation to the village Tumpang. Connected again with a jeep or truck Vegetables (on the back of the terminal market Tumpang) toward Post Ranu Pani. Previously, we stopped at Gubugklakah to obtain permits Using vegetable truck or jeep journey starts from Ranu Pani Tumpang towards the last village at the foot semeru. Here there are checkpoints, there are also stalls and cottages.


Kerinci mountain peaks visible from a distance
Mount Kerinci including volcano is still active, with an altitude of 3805 masl. The mountain is the highest mountain in Indonesia outside the mountains of Irian Jaya. In the east there Bento lake, swamp water clearly highest in Sumatra. Behind him there are seven mountain with a beautiful crater that is almost untouched. In the middle of the park there is a gap sungaipenuh valley city, coffee plantations, and lake Kerinci. 

Unlike in Java mountains, there is only one path toward Peak Ascent to Kerinci, so we will not even bother to pick up the path from where


Create beginners who want to make the web itself, I want to share ... writing about this free domain already quite a lot on other blogs, but still wrote complicated, because dikasi not know the details ...

now I'm trying to help who want to make the web free.
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  7. read carefully the contents of the email, then click on Manage Domains and log in by filling out the data you enter in accordance with
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